Q&A with SA rider & Clare Classic ambassador Michelle Krockenberger

By December 3, 20192020 News

Michelle Krockenberger is something of a local legend in South Australia and she’s proud to be onboard as an ambassador for the 2020 Clare Classic.

We sat down with her to find out just why she loves cycling in her home state.

Clare Classic: So you’re an SA local, what do you love most about SA?

Michelle Krockenberger: Yes I’m a true local, lived in SA most of my life. What I love about SA is we are so spoilt for convenience and choices. We have on our doorstep the beautiful beaches, the Adelaide Hills and our amazing wine regions. From a cyclist’s point of view you never have to travel too far, you can just hop on your bike and ride.

CC: When did you first get into cycling?

MK: About 11 years ago I was living in Cairns, North Queensland, and received an opportunity to ride the Cardiac Challenge, which is a three day 300 km ride from Cairns to Cooktown to raise money for the Hospital Foundation. I thought, “I’m always up for an adventure and what a great cause!” So I dragged out my ancient mountain bike and gave it a go.

Let’s just say there were times I had to get off and walk but I had such an amazing time I was determined to come back the next year and train for it and not walk, which I did! But it wasn’t until I moved back to Adelaide three years later that I really got into cycling, I needed a challenge so I entered the TDU Bupa challenge and the rest is history.

CC: What’s your favourite bike?

MK: My Cervelo R5. I have had so many amazing adventures on this bike I don’t think I’ll ever part from it!

CC: Have you ridden in Clare Valley before?

MK: Yes, last year a friend was doing a 300km Audax ride so a group of us did the ride with her around the area and through Clare.

CC: What is it like? How does it compare with other parts of Oz?

MK: It’s such a beautiful area especially if you love your wine. It’s so picturesque to ride through vineyards surrounded by rolling hills and farmlands. Clare Valley is definitely up there in comparison to other wine regions of Australia but we’re so lucky because it’s on the doorstep of the Copper Coast and the Flinders Ranges. Also being a couple of hours out of Adelaide makes it a great destination for a quick getaway.

CC: Why should people sign up for the Clare Classic?

MK: Not only being a great excuse to get away for the weekend and enjoy beautiful Clare but what better way to give yourself a challenge and meet some new friends and have lots of laughs along the way.

CC: Go-to snack on the bike?

MK: Definitely a muesli bar.