Bike Tyres: Schwalbe Australia At The Clare Classic

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Tyres – they are one of the simplest yet most significant ways to increase the performance and efficiency of your bike, yet it’s also one of the most often overlooked.

Tyre technology has come ahead in leaps and bounds over the past few years. Long gone are the days of ultra-narrow, puncture-prone, light side-walled tyres that looked a year old after just a couple of rides.

As tyre research and development continues to surge ahead, we now know that wider is faster and more comfortable – particularly over the mid to long distances involved in Gran Fondos such as the Clare Classic on April 8.

Times & Technology Has Changed With Wider Now Meaning Faster

As research, development & technology rolls on (no pun intended), and Schwalbe engineers continue to work tirelessly in the areas of tubeless tyre development, tyre composition and optimum widths and dimensions – not only can riders now enjoy the comfort and security of a wider tyre, but a faster, more efficient and less puncture prone tyre as well!

The World’s Fastest Tubeless Tyre

The Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless has been stacked up against a range of competitors and found to be the world’s fastest tubeless tyre – that’s just not Schwalbe’s claim but the result of exhaustive lab and road tests.

Ten high-end racing tyres of the world’s leading manufacturers were put through exhaustive rolling resistance test by and the team at Wheel Energy in Finland.

Lab & Road Tests Prove The Point

The tyres were up against each other in lab tests (rolling over a smooth then rough drum), then in real world road tests. In the test lab, the Pro One achieved the best results on both the smooth and the rough-surface drum.

Out on the road it was a similar result, the Schwalbe Pro One blitzed the competition.
“Whether it is the lack of a tube, the rubber compound or the excellent construction, the Pro One feels supple and fast on the road,” Bikeradar’s Ben Delaney said following the extensive testing.

The extensive tests proved what many have been thinking over the past few years, that wider has definite advantages over previously more popular skinny tyres. In addition to this, the extra volume of air provides extra comfort so it’s a win win.
“Since wider tyres roll faster and more comfortably, I won’t ever buy a 23mm tyre again,” said Ben Delaney when summarising the test results.

Schwalbe Australia At The Clare Classic

For those riding the inaugural Clare Classic – the 50km Social-Classic,110km Challenge-Classic or 160km Maxi-Classic, Schwalbe are the perfect choice. Tyres will obviously play a critically important role in not just the Clare Classic but also your memories of the event.

Our tip is to look for wear, cuts and flat areas. Check the sidewalls for cracks, abrasions or any signs of something not right.

A new pair of tyres – from Schwalbe’s Pro One Tubeless right through the company’s huge range of course-specific solutions – will be one of the best things you can do for your bike prior to the event.

As we said at the start, bike tyres are one of the simplest yet most significant upgrade you can do for your bike. Schwalbe will be on hand at the Clare Classic event village on Saturday and Sunday – make sure you stop by to say hello to the friendly team, take a look at the Schwalbe range and pick up a new pair of the world’s #1 road tyre, the Schwalbe One.

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