Four reasons the Clare Classic is the ultimate weekend escape

By November 13, 20192020 News

Clare Valley is a world-class cycling destination, we all know that. From rolling hills to breathtaking views it should definitely be on your bucket list.

The region itself is worthy of a holiday, two wheels or not so why not make a weekend of it when you sign up for the 2020 Clare Classic?

1) Dirty Clare on Saturday

One of the most unique things about the Clare Classic is the option of a Saturday ride! Dirty Clare is an 80km gravel adventure through the beautiful Spring Gully Conservation Park. So instead of just coming for Sunday’s events why not pop in early and get two exhilarating rides under your belt? It’ll definitely be one to tell your co-workers about!

2) Country escape

There’s nothing like some time in the country to escape the city! The great thing about the Clare Classic is that you get some serious riding done while also being able to just close your eyes and take a deep breath, savouring the tranquility and simplicity of country life for a few days.

3) Boutique accommodation

Clare Valley is home to some truly stunning accommodation options. Ditch the motel and explore some of the region’s historic cottages and B&Bs. You can find some great rooms here but hurry they won’t be vacant for long!

4) Riesling Trail

The famous Riesling Trail is a must do so make sure you book an extra day! The trail itself is about 33km long, beginning in the town of Auburn and ending at the old Barnia railway siding in Stanley Flat. Perfect for an afternoon adventure!


Ready to sign up for South Australia’s ultimate cycling experience? Click here to get your Clare on!