Riesling and Rattler Trails together at last

By November 1, 20192020 News

In an exciting development for the Clare Valley, the famous Riesling Trail has teamed up with the Rattler Trail for the ultimate cycling and wine experience.

Thanks to the completion of the Auburn Connector Bridge, visitors exploring either trail by bike are now able to extend their journey with ease and traverse about 50km of gravel.

The Rattler Trail is a shorter route at only 19km and stretches from Auburn through to Riverton. Like the Riesling Trail there are a range of world-class vineyards and cellar doors you can pop into before continuing on your way.

We recommend starting up the top of the Riesling Trail and hiring a bike in Clare. Before you reach Auburn you will pass by the likes of Pikes Wines, Taylors and Mr Micks Cellar Door. All fantastic options for a drop and a bite to eat!

For a rundown of what the Riesling Trail entails and how you can explore it check out our previous article here!