Course Overview

Ride categories

  • U19 Women
  • U19 Men
  • Men 19 > 29 Years
  • Women 19 > 29 Years
  • Men Masters 30 – 49 years
  • Women Masters 30 – 49 years
  • Men Masters 50 years +
  • Women Masters 50 years +
  • Men’s Team (minimum 4 riders)
  • Women’s Team (minimum 4 riders)
  • Mixed’s Team (minimum 4 riders)
  • Charity Team (minimum 4 riders)

The Rides

Three rides will be offered in 2018:


Clare Valley is promoted as a region for those who seek substance and authenticity, who take the road less travelled and enjoy taking a moment to appreciate what life has to offer.

Route details


Left or right? It’s your choice. Using most of the roads of the Maxi Classic, the difference is that you turn left near the Clare Valley Racing Club and refuel in Clare before continuing.

Route details


At only 50km’s, it looks like a simple roll along the Riesling Trail but you will still have to climb up the hill once you’ve had time to look around the historically joyous town of Mintaro.

Route details

Where is Clare Valley?