Three things that make the Clare Classic unique

By November 18, 20192020 News

The Clare Classic is in many ways an alternative Gran Fondo. Not as big as the Bowral or Noosa Classics, Clare still offers a unique experience. Located in the outstanding Clare Valley wine region, it’s not just a cycling trip, it’s the weekend of a lifetime!

Country charm

Noosa and Bowral each offer cyclists a unique experience and Clare is no different. It is THE Gran Fondo for South Australia and as such, puts on an authentic show for visitors. Clare is a charming spot and is everything you’d expect from a country town.

Great people (more on this later), comfy cafes, warm pubs and an all-round boisterous atmosphere. Not to mention the endless canola fields and farmland fit for a national gallery!

The faces

As mentioned above, another great feature of Clare is its inhabitants. Whether they be publicans, cafe owners or even the mayor they all have one thing in common: outstanding hospitality!

They also flock in droves to volunteer for ride weekend. Without their tireless and selfless support, the Clare Classic would not be possible.

Top drop

Now we all know how great South Australia is for wine, the best in the country. What people may not know is just how good the Clare Valley is. Located near the world-famous Barossa Valley, Clare offers just as good a drop. Furthermore, you can take a day before or after 5 April to explore the various vineyards on bike via the Riesling and Rattler Trails.

So what are you waiting for? Escape to the country for the weekend and experience all this great Gran Fondo has to offer!

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