What exactly is the Riesling Trail?

By October 30, 20192020 News

Often the first thing that springs to mind when someone mentions Clare Valley is the Riesling Trail.

Despite being constantly mentioned as a ‘must-do’, a lot of interstate visitors may not be fully aware of what it is, this writer included.

So let’s find out exactly what all the fuss is about.

As you will no doubt be aware, Clare Valley is a world-class winemaking region with a diverse variety of drops produced in the region.

Don’t worry red fans, it’s just a name! There’s a solid selection available for when you stop to get some serious tasting done.

The trail itself is about 33km long, beginning in the town of Auburn and ending at the old Barnia railway siding in Stanley Flat.

It’s an easy ride so perfect for a light workout once you’ve arrived. During the trip you’ll wind your way through boutique towns such as Leasingham, Watervale and Sevenhill as well as an array of vineyards.

Why not take a quick detour and pop into Pikes Cellar Door? Pikes are a family-owned business and very much part of the Clare Valley landscape. They are also big supporters of the Clare Classic!

Mr Mick are also onboard and you can find them in the heart of Clare, why not take a break and say hello?

Taylors are a fantastic local wine and can be found at the start of the Trail in Auburn!