SA Legends: Taylors Wines

By November 28, 20192020 News

Taylors is an iconic brand within the Australian wine industry. They’ve won countless awards and are considered a genuine world-class label. But did you know they still call Clare Valley home? Read on to learn their fascinating story.

Local brand, global appeal

‘We rest on the principle that the finest wines are those made with the greatest dedication and care. Above all our imperative is to respect the fruit.’

They are the words that greet you when you lay eyes on the Taylors website. Such a careful approach to winemaking is made possible by the family nature at the heart of Taylors wines. Four members of the family, Mitchell, Justin, Clinton and Bill Taylor are front and centre of the company’s image, helping reassure consumers that despite the success, it hasn’t gone to their heads. They remain firmly committed to the ideals of family enterprise.

Associated with the Clare Valley since 1950, Taylors are proud to showcase this world-class wine region to the rest of the world.

Located between Auburn and Clare, Taylors wines are respected and renowned the world over.



One doesn’t often think of sustainability when it comes to wine but this is an area Taylors are being extremely proactive in.

Caring for the South Australian land they call home is important to them and as such they have put in place some progressive measures in the form of their Environmental Management System (EMS).

Opting for the most energy efficient methods, conserving water, reducing packaging and wastage are all part of a plan to make their plot in the Clare Valley sustainable for generations to come.

Award-winning drops

In 2017 the World Rankings of Wines & Spirits Report was releasedwith Clare Classic supporting partner Taylors Wines receiving the top accolade!

Released annually by the WAWWJ, the report is a definitive ranking of the world’s most awarded wines, wineries, and wine regions. The ranking is the only one of its kind to benchmark wines on a global scale.

The report details the top 100 wineries in 2017, the top 10 countries of 2017 and the top 100 wines of 2017. Out of 700,930 wines evaluated in the competition, 150 wines received the prestigious accolade for ‘Wine of the Year’.

The top five wineries of 2017 include the Clare Valley’s Taylors Wines and the top five wines of 2017 were Taylors Jaraman Shiraz 2014, Taylors St. Andrews Shiraz 2013, Noe Pedro Ximenez Vors (Spain), Taylors St. Andrews Shiraz 2014  and Casa Perini Moscatel (Brazil).